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Valentine's Day Special Offer

15 mins Sodi for 2 persons

12 mins Rotax 125 for 1 person

10 mins 2 seater for 2 person

$199 Package Value:

1 x 15 mins Sodi Hire Kart for 2 persons                         $80

1 x 12 mins Rotax 125 for 1 person                                        $160

1 x 10 mins 2 seater shifter kart for 2 passengers     $160

"Collect memories not things!"




Have you ever heard that saying?

Well, this is THE EXPERIENCE to collect!

Surprise your partner with the ultimate go-karting experience for the both of you!

Not familiar with go-karting?

We assure you that this is the best experience that you can get on the market, using the latest gears and equipments.

Valentine's Day Gift Package

Package included:

15 minutes in a Sodi Hire Kart session with both of you on track at the same time.

12 minutes in a Rotax 125 Race prepared TAG kart for one person. 

10 minutes in a double seater shifter kart, as a passenger sitting behind a professional driver for two persons.

All gears included.

Gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.