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Terms and Conditions

·  All members must have AASA licence (Cams licences approved)

·  All track days are “DRIFT” days, no burnout activity or vehicles permitted on track

·  If you are pre-booked to a certain date and you can not make it on the day you can re-book to any      other date (subject to availability) or transfer your spot to any other member.  Any re-booking or          transfer to be done at least 2 weeks prior to date.

·  All track days are capped at a maximum of 60 cars

·  AwesomeDrive Club reserve the right to remove and/or ban any member for unaccepted behaviour on or off the track (doing a burnout coming or going from the venue, disregarding safety rules….etc.)

Drift Track Days

Sporting Regulations 2018/19


All race events will be organized and administrated by AwesomeDrive Club in accordance with AASA regulations.





ORGANISER / Track Location

The Organizer’s official contact details:

AwesomeDrive Club 

735 Burrawan Forest drive Lake Innes 2446



Track Location: 735 Burrawan Forest drive Lake Innes 2446


AwesomeDrive Club will organize individual track days throughout the year. Dates of the track days are posted on our official website.



To be eligible to enter track days under these Regulations, each participant must hold a valid AASA license* and a basic experience of drifting. These track days are for members only.

If you are holding a race license from any other Australian car racing sanctioning body, it will be honored till it’s expiry. 



Participants have to complete the following process to register as a member:

  • Complete the AwesomeDrive club Drift Day application form and pay the relevant fee

  • Alldate changesaretobesubmittedtoandreceivedbytheOrganizer2weeksbeforethetrack daydate.

Application form available on AwesomeDrive Club’s website: https://www.awesomedrive.club/drift



Any application not accompanied by the relevant fee (see article 2.4) shall be null and void.


The organizers reserve the right to refuse date changes submitted after the 2 weeks deadline, though late date changes may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organizer.



Membership fee: $200 / year (3 x Saturday Track days and 5 x Weekdays Track Days / Year)

AASA license: $70 / year


All participants must be 16 years or older on the day of the track day. On the grounds of safety, at all times when they are driving the cars, drivers must be equipped with:


  • Racesuits or long sleeves, long pants

  • A pair ofgloves.

  • A helmet, as a minimum to a standard suitable for use on publicroads.

  • Racing boots or closed shoes



Drivers sign-on 07.30 – 8.30

Drivers Briefing 08.30 – 08.45 

Track opens 09:00 

·Pit lane closes 03.50pm

Track activity finishes 04.00pm





Participants will be lined up on the main straight All cars will be self-scrutineered based on the provided form. Defective cars or tools left in cars while on track will immediately be black flagged and apply for defective cars inspection by the organizer.



Dangerous/ unsafe driving not picked up by the organizer can be reported to any official. If more than 3 reports of the same driver are made to officials, the driver’s skill will be assessed. If any driver considered unsafe then the driver will be excluded from the meeting. The participant will only be allowed in future events after proof that some driver training has been undertaken. 


Driftingisanon-contactmotorsport.Deliberate contact or sporting conduct infringements will not betolerated. Any kind of hooning (burnout, drifting, dangerous driving) activity on or off the premises are not going to be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities. The track is designed for such activity, please keep it on there.



Drifting is designed to be a fun sport and a community building activity. Any participant, or any individual associated with a participant, who acts/behaves in a manner contrary to the following will result in penalization for that driver: All participants must play by the rules and respect all officials and theirinstructions. Allparticipantsmustrespecttherights,dignityandvalueoftheirfellowparticipantsregardlessof gender, ability, physical appearance, cultural background orreligion. All participants must take responsibility for their actions at alltimes. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their family, friends and associated parties are aware that their actions can result in penalization for thedriver. Any disputes between participants should be resolved in a respectful and courteous manner. In theeventthatthisisperceivednotpossible,themattershouldbebroughtbeforethe Organizer to mediate aresolution. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at all events. Consumption of such substances before or during the event will result in the participant being excluded from the day. Abusive comments in public are completelyforbidden.Competitorsandtheirassociatesarestronglyadvisedtoguardagainst participating in contentious, divisive or damaging conversations. 




This is a strictly drifting activity for drift cars (road registered or not registered)! No burnout cars are allowed on track and burnout on track at any time!


Any form of motor sport can be dangerous, despite the organizers taking all reasonable precautions. All participants will be required to sign official disclaimers accepting the inherent risks prior to their taking partinanevent.Bydoingsotheyaresigninganundertakingthattheyarenotsufferingfromanymedical condition, either permanent or temporary, which could affect prejudicially their normal control of the vehicle with regard to the speeds likely to be attained duringevents.


The pit lane will be a strictly non smoking area. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible    adult.